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By: V. Hengley, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Co-Director, University of Washington School of Medicine

The easiest is for sender and receiver both to erectile dysfunction protocol review article best buy malegra dxt plus be frequency locked erectile dysfunction treatment injection cost order 160 mg malegra dxt plus overnight delivery, that is erectile dysfunction drugs natural purchase malegra dxt plus 160mg free shipping, tuned to one frequency and insensitive to others. Because of their interaction with the ionosphere, even weak signals in this frequency range (from 0. If an innate frequency selector is operating within this band, reception should be the same anywhere on earth. Dowsing may involve an unconscious sense of the electromagnetic fields of underground water or minerals, an idea given some support by Russian experiments in the 1960s. Biological semiconductors even offer a possible basis for the aura often reported around living things by "sensitives. The ability of high-voltage (Kirlian) photography to produce an image very much like descriptions of the aura has aroused hope that the technique might render some aspect of psychic phenomena visible in a way that would be conducive to experiment. Because of this possibility, our lab investigated Kirlian photography during the mid-1970s. We obtained beautiful pictures that seemed to vary in response to changes in the health of the test organism. If the Kirlian halo actually reflected the biofield or some other basic aspect of life, it should have disappeared when the organism being photographed died. The image remained the same as long as the water content of the corpse remained constant. We found the images were entirely due to a simple physical event, a corona discharge. This occurred when a high-voltage electric field broke down the air molecules between the two condenser plates of the Kirlian appa ratus. The amount of water vapor in the air changed the voltage at which this happened, and on color film produced coronas in different colors and sizes. Nor did we find that it could serve as a "screen" on which might be reflected some invisible field or aura, another pos sibility that had been suggested. This is not to say that the aura occasionally perceived by some people 268 the Body Electric around other organisms is imaginary. In a similar way astronauts in space "see" Cerenkov radiation?flashes of light that have been traced to the passage of high energy cosmic rays through the retina. On the other hand, the aura could literally be a form of light, perhaps at frequencies invisible to all but a few of us. The relationship be tween the nerve endings and the skin is an interesting one in this con text. The skin-nerve interface?the closest normal equivalent to the neuroepidermal junction that triggers regeneration?may well be a di ode. We may never know how well distributed it is among animals, although the number of pets who have returned to their owners over long distances suggests that many dogs and cats can find specific people by an unknown sense. The Duke University Parapsychology Laboratory has authenticated more than fifty such cases, many involving travel of hundreds or thousands of miles. Among humans, some may simply be more gifted than others through genetic chance or some facet of their upbringing. Then again, the psychic sense may be a universal ability that was forgot ten or suppressed as we came to depend more and more on language to get our messages across. If they do depend on the same system, psychic ability and regenera tion may go together; they may generally be better among simple ani mals. As the digital impulse system grew more efficient, its information may have overwhelmed the senses operating through the earlier mode. The ever Breathing with the Earth 269 present hum of electromagnetic information from other creatures may have become an intolerable burden. Think how confused you would feel if you could simultaneously hear what everyone else in the world was thinking. After all, mediums, sorcerers, and psi experimenters all agree that some sort of trance or mental quietude?a reduction of nerve im pulse activity?is needed for best results.

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Ask the adolescent to erectile dysfunction treatment injection cost buy malegra dxt plus 160mg lowest price write down his short term erectile dysfunction treatment clinics order genuine malegra dxt plus online, long term and lifetime goals on the worksheet Personal Goals erectile dysfunction pill identifier order generic malegra dxt plus pills. Use one of the goals he/she wrote to discuss how to establish goals using the following guides. If your goal is to be a good baseball player, then you could start by finding out were the nearest baseball park is and what times you can practice. Evaluate with the adolescent whether he/she can reach his/her goal taking into consideration his/her: abilities, resources, motivation, etc. After discussing the exercise, ask the adolescent to identify possible obstacles to achieving his/her goals. For example: An adolescent plays volleyball and she?d like to play in a major league. If a change occurs in your life that requires a change in goals, then maybe you?ll have to: o Enjoy activities in new ways o Develop new interests, abilities and activities. Promote a discussion about the pictures and how different perceptions can be had of each one. The purpose is to illustrate the difference between the objective and the subjective world, and how our perceptions about the same thing or event can be different from that of other people. The key to feeling emotionally healthy is: To learn how to manage these two parts of our reality. You can also find a friend to talk to, think that your parents are adults and 49 they must know why they made that decision, and try to do pleasant activities that can help make you feel better. You can see the possible positive side to this, which could be that they are happier and there is more peace at home. When people are depressed, the often perceive their subjective world as the only reality. If you don?t change your negative thoughts, you might think they are the only reality and that will continue to make you feel depressed. It can also happen that we feel we don?t have any alternatives when things don?t happen the way we want them to. On these occasions it helps to consider all the alternatives and not to focus on that fact that you don?t have what you really wanted. If the adolescent doesn?t provide an example, you can present him/her with one of the following situations, asking them to provide alternatives to them: o A guy you don?t have romantic feelings for invites you to a party, but you enjoy his company as a friend. They can also think that their depression won?t go away unless something in the objective world changes. If you see the world as little chunks of time that you decide what to do with, you can feel more in control and take action to overcome your depression. For example, if you tell yourself: o ?I can?t enjoy life until my depression goes away?, consider thinking ?I can feel better every day if I do the things I have been learning. Mention two alternatives (concrete actions) that you have to manage the outside world. You can ask the adolescent whether there are still negative thoughts that he/she has often, and work with these thought in alternatives and time (below). Mention two alternatives (concrete actions) that you have to manage your internal world. Do you spend a lot of time thinking you want to change the past or anticipating the future? When your time becomes more satisfactory, your life will also and you will feel better. If pleasant activities help you overcome your depression, they can also help you feel healthier emotionally. In this module (the last 4 sessions) we will be working with your relationships and how they affect how you feel. Being less assertive (not saying what you like/dislike or not knowing how to express your feelings and preferences)?

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However male erectile dysfunction pills review malegra dxt plus 160 mg with mastercard, they could combine to 60784 impotence of organic origin discount malegra dxt plus 160 mg with amex form toxic substances erectile dysfunction diet pills purchase malegra dxt plus on line, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which can contribute to the destruction of the cell. Those cells which are actively reproducing are more sensitive than those which are not. As a result, living cells can be classified according to their rate of reproduction, which also indicates their relative sensitivity to radiation. Lymphocytes (white blood cells) and cells which produce blood are constantly regenerating, and are, therefore, the most sensitive. Reproductive and gastrointestinal cells are not regenerating as quickly and are less sensitive. The nerve and muscle cells are the slowest to regenerate and are the least sensitive cells. In many instances, the cells are able to completely repair any damage and function normally. The daughter cells, however, may be lacking in some critical life-sustaining component, and they die. The other possible result of radiation exposure is that the cell is affected in such a way that it does not die but is simply mutated. For example, since the blood forming cells were one of the most sensitive cells due to their rapid regeneration rate, the blood forming organs are one of the most sensitive organs to radiation. Muscle and nerve cells were relatively insensitive to radiation, and therefore, so are the muscles and the brain. The relative importance of the organ system to the well being of the body is also important. The outer layer of cells reproduces rapidly, and also has a good supply of blood and oxygen. Cells are most sensitive when they are reproducing, and the presence of oxygen increases sensitivity to radiation. Anoxic cells (cells with insufficient oxygen) tend to be inactive, such as the cells located in the interior of a tumor. As the tumor is exposed to radiation, the outer layer of rapidly dividing cells is destroyed, causing it to ?shrink? in size. If the tumor is given a massive dose to destroy it completely, the patient might die as well. Instead, the tumor is given a small dose each day, which gives the healthy tissue a chance to recover from any damage while gradually shrinking the highly sensitive tumor. Another cell system that is composed of rapidly dividing cells with a good blood supply and lots of oxygen is the developing embryo. Therefore, the sensitivity of the developing embryo to radiation exposure is similar to that of the tumor, however, the consequences are dramatically different. As noted previously, the most sensitive organs are the blood forming organs and the gastrointestinal system. The biological effects on the whole body from exposure to radiation will depend upon several factors. For example, a person, already susceptible to infection, who receives a large dose of radiation may be affected by the radiation more than a healthy person. The first category consists of exposure to high doses of radiation over short periods of time producing acute or short term effects. The second category represents exposure to low doses of radiation over an extended period of time producing chronic or long term effects. Low doses spread out over long periods of time don?t cause an immediate problem to any body organ. The effects of low doses of radiation occur at the level of the cell, and the results may not be observed for many years. Some examples of deaths which have occurred as a result of occupational (worker related) accidents are: Inadvertent criticality (too much fissionable material in the right shape at the wrong time) Irradiator (accidental exposure to sterilization sources, which can be more than 10 million curies) Chernobyl (plant workers) An example of a nonoccupational accident occurred in 1987 in Goiania, Brazil. An abandoned medical therapy source (cesium) was found and cut open by people who did not know what it was.

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It is desirable to erectile dysfunction tulsa discount malegra dxt plus amex begin by reviewing the differences between ionizing and nonionizing radiations impotence juice recipe buy 160 mg malegra dxt plus with mastercard, to osbon erectile dysfunction pump 160mg malegra dxt plus explain ionization phenomena and also to discuss related excitation phenomena, which require less energy than ionization. Then a number of the proposed models concerning atomic or molecular-level interactions of fields will be introduced. Heating, cell excitation, electroporation, and other results of high-intensity fields have been accepted as explanations for many bioelectromagnetic phenomena. For low-intensity exposure, however, no theory is widely accepted as a general explanation for bioelectromagnetic phenomena, and few specific phenomena have accepted explanations. It is quite pos sible that no general explanation exists and that more than one mechanism of inter action between fields will be found to be operating, depending on the situation. Quantized energy can ?excite? molecules; appropriate frequencies can couple to vibra tional and rotational oscillation; and if the incident energy quantum has sufficient mag nitude it can excite other changes in the electron configuration, such as changing an electron to another (unoccupied) energy level or tearing an electron away from one of the constituent atoms, the latter process called as ionization. The energy required to remove one electron from the highest energy orbit of a particular chemical element is called its ?ionization potential. As chemical binding forces are essentially electrostatic, ionization implies profound chemical changes. Therefore ionization by any outside agent of the complex compounds that make up a living system leads to profound and often irreversible changes in the operation of that system. In addition, many other possible biological effects require energies well below the level of ionizing potentials. Examples are tissue heating, dielec trophoresis, depolarization of cell membranes, mechanical stress due to piezoelectric transduction, or dielectric saturation, resulting in the orientation of the polar side chains of macromolecules and leading to the breaking of hydrogen bonds. Returning to the discussion of ionization, it is important to note that ionization of a chemical element can be brought about not only by absorption of electromagnetic energy, but also by collision either with foreign (injected) atoms, molecules, or subatomic particles of the requisite energy, or by sufficiently violent collision among its own atoms. The latter process constitutes ionization by heating, or thermal breakdown of a substance, which will occur when the kinetic energy of the colliding particles exceeds the ionization potential. As the average thermal kinetic energy of particles is related to temperature A23 [26] by W? Actually, initiation of lightning strokes is an example of ionization by collision with injected energetic particles. The few free electrons and ions always present in the air due to ionization by cosmic rays are accelerated by the E fields generated within clouds to velocities corresponding to the required ionization energy. Only when the field is large enough to impart this energy over distances shorter than the mean free path of the free electrons or ions at atmospheric pressure can an avalanche process take place: an accelerated electron separates a low-energy electron from the molecule with which it collides and in the process loses most of its own energy; thus, one high-energy free electron is exchanged for two free low-energy electrons and one positive ion. The breakdown field strength for air at 6 atmospheric pressure is approximately 3 A 10 V=m, implying a mean free path of electrons 6 A6 D?% [5 eV=3 A 10 V=m] % 10 m However, this model is not entirely accurate because the actual mean free path corres ponds to energies of the order of 0. Apparently such excitation is sufficient to cause ionization if the collision process lasts long enough [28]. Except for some laboratory conditions where a sufficiently high potential difference can be applied directly across a biological membrane to bring about its destruction, collisional ionization is generally not a factor in the interaction of electromagnetic waves with tissue: the potential difference required for membrane destruction [29] is between 100 nV and 7 300 mV, corresponding to a field strength of the order of 2 A 10 V=m, assuming a membrane thickness (d? However, there is a third mechanism of ionization that is particularly important in biological systems. When a chemical com pound of the type wherein positive and negative ions are held together by their electro static attraction, such as the ionic crystal NaCl, is placed in a suitable solvent, such as H2O, it is separated into its ionic components. Actually energy is consumed in breaking up the original NaCl bonds and some, but less, is liberated in the interaction between the dipole moment of the solvent molecule (H2O in our example) and the electric charges on the ions. Thus, solvents with higher relative dielectric constant ?r, indicating higher inherent electric dipole moment per unit volume (P), solvate ions more strongly (?r? For biological applications it is worth noting that solvation may affect not only ionic substances, but also polar groups, i. In biological processes not only chemical ionization and solvation of ionic compounds, but also all kinds of chemical reaction take place. One of the central questions in the study of biological effects of E and H fields is therefore not only whether they can cause or influence ionization, but also whether they can affect?speed up, slow down, or modify?any naturally occurring biologically important chemical reaction. For compari son the thermal energy per elementary particle at 310 K is also shown. The large spread in the statistical distribution of energies of thermal motion guarantees that at physiological temperatures some molecules always have sufficient energy to break the strongest weak bonds [32].