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By: T. Einar, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Co-Director, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine

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The concentrations decline towards adulthood symptoms 7dp5dt buy generic oxytrol 2.5mg on-line, and the normal range in adults is 0 symptoms whooping cough purchase oxytrol with amex. Some forms of dietary phosphorus are less bioavailable medications pictures discount oxytrol 5 mg without a prescription, especially the phosphorus in the phytic acid found in the outer layer of cereal grains. The actual bioavailability depends on the way these grain products are processed and the amount of residual phytate. Little is known about phosphorus bioavailability from diferent food sources, but inorganic phosphate salts such as additives used in food processing are readily hydrolysed in the gastrointestinal tract and absorbed (3?5). The intake from food additives is largely unknown, but it is likely to be of signifcant importance. Dietary phosphate is absorbed by the epithelium of the duodenum and jejunum in the small intestine via both passive difusion, which depends on the amount of phosphorus in the intestine, and an active sodium dependent process that is regulated by calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3. Calcitriol in turn is regulated by serum phosphate such that a decrease in phosphate concentration leads to an increase in the synthesis of calcitriol. Phosphate absorption is thought to depend on the function of sodium dependent phosphate transporters. Net absorption from a mixed diet has been reported to vary between 55% and 70% in adults and between 65% and 90% in infants and chil dren. As a result of these events, more phos phorus is excreted in the urine and less phosphorus is absorbed from the intestine and the serum phosphorus level is reduced (1, 7). Other factors that can afect the renal handling of phosphate include bicarbonate con centrations, sodium reabsorption rates, and the efects of other hormones such as growth hormone and insulin (8). Chronic phosphorus insufciency results in impaired bone mineral ization, rickets, and osteomalacia. In addition to these skeletal defects, the clinical consequences of phosphorus insufciency include problems with the nervous system, muscle tissue, and kidney function. Low dietary phosphorus intake is rare, and intestinal absorption of phosphorus is very efcient. Renal regulation of phosphorus excretion is the most important step in phosphorus homeostasis and this is also a very efcient process. Although vitamin D defciency or resistance decreases phosphorus absorp tion, hypophosphataemia due to low intestinal absorption is rare and only becomes apparent when phosphorus deprivation has continued for a long time, such as in the case of diarrhoea (9). Requirement and recommended intake the exact requirement for phosphorus is not known, but 400 mg daily is considered adequate for adults to maintain a plasma concentration of 0. There are no substantial new data since then to indicate that these values should be changed. This intake level adheres to the view that an equimolar relationship between calcium and phosphorus is used as a basic principle for recommendations (1 mmol cal cium = 40 mg, 1 mmol phosphorus = 30. Upper intake level and toxicity Excessive phosphorus is toxic to the body by causing kidney and bone damage, vascular calcifcation, and premature ageing (12). Over the last 5?10 years, new efects of increased serum phosphorus concentrations and high phosphorus intake on the vascular system and the skeleton have been observed in healthy populations with no kidney disease. Excessive dietary phosphorus intake might be one cause of mildly elevated serum phosphorus concentrations in persons with relatively normal kidney functions (7). The potential adverse efects of phosphorus intakes at the high end of the range of habitual intakes on bone metabolism have been investigated and debated in recent decades (5, 13). A high-phosphorus diet produces mild hyperparathyroidism and reduces calcitriol concentrations. More over, it has been demonstrated in experimental settings in animals and humans that high-phosphorus diets increase bone resorption and decrease bone formation at least in combination with low calcium diets. The use of food additives containing phosphorus in the food industry is widespread. This value ranges from 300 mg/d to 1,000 mg/d depending on individual food prefer ences (1). There is also a discussion as to whether data on phosphorus in food composition databases might underestimate the contribution from phos phate additives. This is not a problem specifc for phosphorus, and the ability to accurately capture dietary intakes is related to the food coverage in the database and the proportion of values based on chemical analysis as well as to the dietary assessment method used. In the general population, phos phorus concentrations in the upper quartile of the normal range are also associated with increased cardiovascular and all-cause mortality (18, 19). Some studies have shown that the risk of end-stage renal disease and mortality increases with increasing serum phosphorus within the normal range (20). Cardiovascular calcifcation is not only the result of precipitation of calcium and phosphate.

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Thus medications during labor oxytrol 5 mg online, there are currently insufficient data to 300 medications for nclex purchase generic oxytrol on-line define specific differences in energy requirements between different racial groups and more research is needed in this area treatment whiplash discount oxytrol 2.5mg. The question of whether normal variations in ambient temperature influence energy requirements is therefore complex. Ambient temperature effects are probably only significant when there is prolonged exposure to substantial cold or heat. The energy cost of work was judged to be 5 percent greater in a cold environment as com pared to a warm environment (Consolazio et al. There can also be an additional energy cost (2 to 5 percent) of both the increased weight of clothing worn and the hobbling effect of that clothing in cold weather compared with clothing worn in warm weather (Consolazio et al. In addition, temperatures low enough to induce shivering or increased muscular activity will increase energy needs because of the increase in mechanical work (Timmons et al. More recent work also suggests that the recognized increase in energy expenditure in markedly cold cli mates may be greater in physically active individuals than in sedentary ones (Armstrong, 1998). There is an increase in the energy expenditure of standard tasks when ambient temperatures are very high (Consolazio et al. However, this increase in energy expenditure may be attenuated by continued expo sure. Garby and colleagues (1990) reported that the extra energy expendi ture for 2 hours of light activity at 34?C fell progressively a total of 3 to 8 percent with acclimatization over 8 days of the study compared with activity at 20?C to 24?C. More recent studies have reported a significant effect of variations in ambient temperature within the usual range on energy requirements. Lean and colleagues (1988) reported a 4 percent increase in the sleeping metabolic rate of women at an ambient tempera ture of 22?C compared with 28?C. Instead, the effect of ambient temperature appears to be confined to the period of time during which the ambient temperature is altered. Nevertheless, the energy expenditure response to cold temperatures may be enhanced with previous acclimatization by pro longed exposure to a cool environment (Kashiwazaki et al. Since most of the recent data has been collected in women, further research in this area is needed. There was also no significant differ ence in season-related values for physical activity in free-living adult Dutch women, but in contrast to the values reported above for soldiers, the values tended to be higher in summer than in winter (van Staveren et al. For this reason, no specific allowance is made for ambient temperature in the requirements for energy. Altitude Hypoxia increases glucose utilization whether measurements are made on isolated muscle tissue (Cartee et al. Adaptation and Accommodation There are two key differences between nutritional adaptation and accommodation (Waterlow, 1999). First, while adaptation implies mainte nance of essentially unchanged functional capacity in spite of some alter ation in steady-state conditions, accommodation allows maintenance of adequate functional capacity under altered steady-state conditions. Second, whereas accommodation involves relatively short-term adjustments, such as the responses needed to maintain homeostasis, adaptation involves changes in body composition that occur over a more extended period of time. Adaptation the term adaptation describes the normal physiological responses of humans to different environmental conditions. A good example of adapta tion is the increase in hemoglobin concentration that occurs when indi viduals live at high altitudes (Leon-Velarde et al. Changes in energy intake or in energy expenditure trigger metabolic and behavioral responses aimed at restoring energy balance in adults. These responses involve the endocrine system, the central nervous system, and the body energy stores. When effective, these regulatory mechanisms result in the maintenance of a stable body weight (Jequier and Tappy, 1999). Otherwise, individuals with higher efficiency would require less energy for equal energy expenditure than persons with lower efficiency. The experimental data supports the notion that differ ences in efficiency of energy utilization among healthy individuals living under similar conditions fluctuate within a narrow range (James et al. Body weight can be remarkably stable in many healthy adults, demon strating the human potential for maintaining energy balance and stable body composition in spite of conditions that have promoted the recent secular trends in increasing body weights. Maintenance of stable body weight and composition are affected by genetic factors, energy intake, and diet composition, as well as by other environmental factors (Hill and Peters, 1998). Environmental conditions favoring high energy consump tion and low physical activity can overwhelm these mechanisms and lead to positive energy balance, resulting in body fat accumulation and weight gain until another state of weight maintenance becomes established.

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