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By: W. Derek, M.B.A., M.D.

Associate Professor, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

The tissue remaining after a specimen has been Fixing the Specimen thoroughly dissected and sampled should not be discarded arthritis med for dogs cheap naprosyn american express. Instead arthritis pain relief balm kingston chemicals purchase generic naprosyn online, it should be stored in such a Before tissue is processed in the histology laboraway as to rheumatoid arthritis neck pain naprosyn 500 mg visa ensure easy retrieval and reconstruction tory, it should be well xed. Tissues for storage should be prefer to x the specimen before it is dissected placed in a well-sealed container that holds and sampled, while other institutions would enough xative to cover the specimen. For a given rather you dissect and sample the specimen in case, separate parts should be stored in separate the fresh state. Specimen xation greatly fabeled with the surgical pathology number, the cilitates tissue sectioning. Specimens that may be of special thin-walled cysts, mucosa-lined organs, and friainterest, either from a teaching, diagnostic, or ble tumors. One major disadvantage of specimen medicolegal perspective, should be so designated 1. The rst sentence should devices likewise should be placed in a properly identify the patient and the specimen. It should labeled container and segregated into an area tell the reader who the patient is, what the speciwhere they can be stored for long periods of men is, and what structures are present. Unlike routine tissue scription should then move from one individual specimens, storage of these prosthetic devices component of the specimen to another in a methoddoes not require xation. Proceed from overall to specic, When preparing a specimen for storage, anticifrom abnormal to normal, and from relevant to pate the need to return to the specimen at a later ancillary. The best way to avoid a description that time, either to review the gross ndings or to is fragmented and chaotic is to dictate after the submit more sections for histology. This specimen may be quite fragmented and distorted approach allows one to gather all of the informafollowing its dissection, efforts should be made tion, then integrate the gross ndings into a narto reconstruct the specimen before placing it on rative that is comprehensive and complete. There are many examples of how A factual description is one that records the this can be done. With ated soft tissues can be separately wrapped and few exceptions, these characteristics include the labeled according to their respective regional size, weight, color, shape, and consistency of levels. Residual slices of a serially sectioned organ the specimen and any specic lesions. Among can be fastened together in their original posithese, size is particularly important. Important landmarks can be designated ple, in resections of neoplasms, the size of the with tags or safety pins. These simple methods neoplasm is critical in staging the tumor, and of reconstructing the specimen can become inthe distance from the edge of the tumor to the valuable later, when, for example, you have to surgical margin may help to determine the return to a colectomy to nd more lymph nodes, adequacy of excision and the need for adjuvant to a prostatectomy to submit additional slices of therapy. For excisions of parathyroid glands, prostate tissue, or to a mastectomy to sample a the important distinction between a normal and specic quadrant of the breast. Quite commonly, the gross description is so diluted by trivial details and technical minutiae Step 3. The Gross Description that the important macroscopic features are not easily recognized by the reader. A concise dictaCorrelation between the macroscopic and microtion is one that ignores this minutiae and records scopic ndings is important when evaluating a only information that serves to achieve the three specimen and rendering a diagnosis. A leaner descripglass slides represent a permanent record of the tion can often be achieved by cutting the fat histologic ndings, the gross description refrom two areas of the gross description. First, it serves as a descripbe restricted to pertinent negative ndings and tive report that enables the reader to reconstruct to terse statements about size, color, consistency, the specimen mentally and envision the location, and shape that help reconstruct the appearance of extent, and appearance of the pathologic process. Second, do not describe the mechSecond, it serves as a slide index, enabling the anics of the dissection. These technical details pathologist to correlate each slide to a precise loare already laid out in the dissection manual and cation on the specimen. Third, it accounts for the do not belong in the gross dictation unless they distribution of the tissue, documenting how a clarify the histologic ndings or unless your disspecimen has been apportioned for various diagsection deviates from routine methods. To help reconstruct an image of a specimen, Another important function of the gross dethe gross description must be logical, factual, and scription is its role as a slide index (Appendix succinct. The slide index places each histologic slide 8 Surgical Pathology Dissection in its appropriate anatomic context.

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In some clinics arthritis pain while pregnant order generic naprosyn pills, cysts solid lesions (as opposed to arthritis in first joint of fingers buy naprosyn 500 mg mastercard cystic or heterogeneous) and a size larger than 5cm are aspirated; in other hospitals arthritis medication off the market naprosyn 500 mg on line, they are larger than 8 cm. Recently, some authors have advocated a conservative approach the origin of ovarian tumors may be germ cells (teratoma, in newborns with complex cysts. Most of these cysts involute dysgerminoma, yolk sac tumor, choriocarcinoma, mixed variover time, but on follow-up the aected ovary is either absent eties); epithelial cells (cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma); or atrophic. Other tumors that may (rarely) be situated in the ovary whereas a dependent anechoic layer with an echogenic superfiare small cell carcinoma, hemangioma, metastasis of colon carcial layer is typical of a dermoid cyst. The floating echogenic cinoma, Burkitt lymphoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, Wilms tumor, layer is fat. Dermoid cysts (also called mature teratomas) comneuroblastoma, and retinoblastoma. These lesions contain all three primitive cell lines (endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm). Immature teratomas are less dierentiated than mature teratoAsymptomatic simple lesions with a diameter of less than mas; however, on imaging the level of malignancy may not 2. They may be larger with more solid compo552 Sonography of the Female Genital Tract Fig. Therefore, it was diagnosed as an ovarian cyst with an organized hemorrhagic component. The lesion was asymptomatic, and the treatment was conservative with ultrasound follow-up. The diagnosis was thrombosis of the left iliac vein with compression of the inferior caval vein caused by a large cystic lesion. These tumors are solid, lobulated masses with enhancing fibrovascular septa (Fig. They may occur in combination with other germ cell tumors, especially in cases of gonadal dysgenesis. The tumors are multicystic, almost spongelike, with solid components, and they may have hemorrhagic products. Furthermore, there are two solid lesions in the liver (arrow, b) and a 5-cm lesion in the spleen that is not anechoic (c). This turned out to be a dysgerminoma with liver metastases; the spleen lesion was an echogenic cyst. Ultrasound shows a solid swelling with some small cysts above her bladder (a), some tiny calcifications (b), and little vascularity (c). The most common finding is enlargement of the ovary and a rounded edematous aspect, in combination with free fluid (Fig. Also suggestive is the presence of multiple small peripheral follicles within the ovary. Sexually active girls and adolescents have a disproportionate risk for acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, probably caused by risky behavior and low levels of antibodies for these diseases. The diagnosis of pelvic infection is usually made clinically, based on a combination of pelvic pain, fever, and a foul discharge. In pelvic inflammatory disease, the organisms (most commonly Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis, and endogenous anaerobic organisms) infect the fallopian tubes and ovaries by an ascending path, causing pyosalpinx.

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